Steel Clay — August 7, 2016

Steel Clay

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A disdainful millionaire struggles to learn compassion as his personal life is turned upside down.

Virginia Beach business owner CLAY HOLMES has it all:  looks, money, success, and more.  He only lacks one thing: a heart, which was stolen in childhood by his abusive father.

Clay’s wife, SANDRA, and their two kids have everything they need, except Clay’s love and affection. As Sandra watches Clay treat less fortunate people with disdain, she gives him an ultimatum to find his heart, or they’re through. She kicks him out of the house, and the Invincible Man begins to crumble.

One fateful morning, Clay offends VINCE, a highly dangerous Australian fugitive. Vince then makes it his personal mission to ruin Clay’s life, and he begins to hurt him both physically and financially.

WINSTON, Clay’s Finance Director, is the closest thing Clay has to an actual friend.   But Clay treats Winston poorly and denies him a much needed personal loan.  Clay doesn’t know that Winston is homeless and living in the company maintenance closet.

Clay feels betrayed when he discovers Winston’s secret, and he lets him take the fall  when the IRS discovers that someone has been stealing cash from the company.  Now Clay is all alone, and he has no release from the burden of hatred, unless he can forgive his abusive father.

In a final showdown with Vince, Clay has to rely on everyone he has abused to forgive him and come to his rescue.  As he races to restore relationships, he struggles to free himself at last from the steely grip that shackles his heart.